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BNSF Implements Buckeye Mountain’s RapidCrane to Support Remote Wide-span Crane Operations

Progressive Railroading: Another wide-span crane first for BNSF: Wireless remote-control operation

Akron, OH, Jan 11, 2024 – BNSF has partnered with Buckeye Mountain to implement a high-speed low latency wireless solution to support critical wide-span crane operations.  Buckeye Mountain’s RapidCrane product supports multi-gigabit speeds, redundant paths, and extremely low latency, which is crucial for remote operations.  Steve Hill, Director of wireless engineering at Buckeye Mountain, commented: “There are significant technical and environmental challenges to be addressed in implementing a solution that provides the speeds, low latency and maximum jitter requirements for remote crane operations. The implementation of RapidCrane at BNSF has met and exceeded those requirements.”

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Rapid Deploy Certification

With a combination of classroom and hands-on lab work, members of our Field Service and Support teams gained a wealth of knowledge on Rapid Deploy including; architecture, physical installation, safety, security, availability, and performance.

Our Rapid Deploy networks are only as good as the team tasked with building and supporting them. Buckeye Mountain is committed to having the team in place with the necessary skills to support the latest technology built into the Rapid Deploy family of products. Continued growth and advancements in technology necessitate having a well-trained group of technicians.

This week we’ve added ten Rapid Deploy Certified Field Technicians and five Rapid Deploy Certified Support Technicians.

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