Asset Inspection and Maintenance (AIM)

Buckeye Mountain’s Asset Inspection and Maintenance (AIM) system facilitates scheduled and unscheduled maintenance and inspection of intermodal lift and ramp equipment. An overview view of system-wide equipment status, coupled with real time dashboards, downtime forecasting, guided equipment inspections and complete estimate/work order management capability, provides top-to-bottom control of mission-critical assets. Detailed data collection along the way means powerful reporting of unit and system-wide KPIs is at your fingertips. The result is fewer surprises, decreased downtimes, and more efficient utilization.

With an ever-expanding complement of sensor-based and GPS data gathering capabilities, AIM can help you track not only the status of your equipment, but its configuration, movement and health – all in real time. Lifting and coupling actions, speed and braking, location and movement history and other valuable data becomes visible as you fine-tune your fleet’s efficiency.

When inspections come due, tablet-based, guided inspections ensure that the work is done to spec and no detail missed. Likewise, maintenance estimates and work orders may be managed from the shop floor, complete with photographs of damage and corrective repairs, and an approval workflow that guides you and your vendors quickly from estimate to repair, and back into service.

Web-based System Dashboard and Admin Tools

  • System-wide equipment status dashboard
  • Downtime forecasting and measurement
  • Equipment list and activity overview
  • Administrative control screens

Mobile Unit Inspections

  • Periodic unit inspections on a mobile platform
  • Preformatted or autonomous inspection workflow
  • Attach images to inspection results
  • Initiate repair work orders from inspection results

Mobile Repair Work Orders

  • Utilizes predefined repair job code
  • Record part numbers, labor and material pricing
  • Estimate and approval workflow
  • Post repair audit workflow
  • Integrate with your AP invoicing system

Reporting and Telematics Data Integration

  • Improve uptime efficiency and minimize downtime
  • Record and monitor unit location, status and sensor data
  • Report on key utilization, inspection and repair data elements
  • Perform advanced data mining via an ad hoc query tool
  • Integrate with a Terminal Operating System