Rapid Deploy Family of Products

Our Rapid Deploy family of products solves many of the challenges facing our customers in the rail, transportation, and public safety sectors. Some of these include excessive trenching power and network cable costs, poor network performance, lack of available vertical structures, self-interference, and increasing high-speed, low-latency application demands.

Our patented solutions create an outdoor wireless network without the need for any existing infrastructure. Additionally, these products can be deployed and fully operational in minutes or days – not months – significantly reducing overall costs when compared to traditional networks. Most importantly, Rapid Deploy products deliver unparalleled performance even in the most demanding environments for greater peace of mind.


Designed for those requiring a totally standalone wireless network, RapidOne tackles installation challenges quickly and economically. This patented, solar-powered communication system requires no existing infrastructure, and provides extremely reliable, high-performance wireless connectivity in the toughest environments.

Benefits & Features


Similar to RapidOne, RapidMiniMax offers excellent wireless performance even in challenging environments.  However, RapidMiniMax has been designed to be installed on an existing structure or surface. RapidMiniMax can be customized to use existing AC power while providing long- term battery backup, or can be configured to run solely on solar power.

Benefits & Features


RapidFixed features a “fixed” or permanent installation that requires a single augured hole. With a taller mast, it provides greater connectivity potential in deployments with stacked containers. This sleek solution offers a quick, cost-effective deployment that eliminates the need for additional infrastructure. Additionally, RapidFixed incorporates many cutting-edge technologies, including energy and environmental management systems developed in-house.

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RapidCase features many of the same benefits of the Rapid Deploy family, making it perfect when supporting emergencies, search and rescue operations, or special events. Contained in a lightweight, portable carrying case, this “network-in-a-box,” turnkey solution is pre-wired and pre-configured so operations are supported with one push of a button.  Primarily designed to support Wi-Fi connectivity over a significant area for remote clients, the data can be backhauled over LTE, FirstNet, CBRS, and other supported technologies.

Benefits & Features