RapidCase features many of the same benefits of the Rapid Deploy family, making it perfect when supporting emergencies, search and rescue operations, or special events. Contained in a lightweight, portable carrying case, this “network-in-a-box,” turnkey solution is pre-wired and pre-configured so operations are supported with one push of a button.  Primarily designed to support Wi-Fi connectivity over a significant area for remote clients, the data can be backhauled over LTE, FirstNet, CBRS, and other supported technologies.

Key Benefits

Rugged: Withstands the challenges of remote operations, even in the rain.

Portable: Weighs less than 35 pounds.

Durable: Features a weatherproof case that protects the equipment from the environment.

Flexible: Offers support for a wide array of technologies.

Key Features

  • Network-in-a-box simplicity
  • Completely standalone product
  • Portable satellite option
  • Extreme battery life
  • Rechargeable (AC, DC, or solar)
  • Multiple backhaul options available
  • High RF system gain using specialized 802.11ac Wi-Fi access point
  • Weatherproof
  • Fully remote management
  • Thermal management for extreme environments