Public Sector

Public Sector Industry

Public Sector is personal.  Each individual extends confidence to public officials responsible for safety, education, and healthcare. You want these professionals, from education, to first responders – fire, police, and paramedics – to clinical and continuous care to have ready access to the information needed to fulfill their responsibilities to your loved ones, those in your charge, and you.

Buckeye Mountain is proud to provide FirstNet capabilities to these essential public sector roles.  Our nation’s FirstNet is a dedicated telecommunications service for essential public sector roles that offers the flexibility of integrating and interoperating with our Buckeye Mountain battle-tested connectivity even in the most extreme circumstances through our hardware, software and wireless solutions. These include using tablet computers or rugged laptops as an in-vehicle communications base and teaming them with our Rapid Deploy wireless systems.

We believe it is critical that our long-standing performance in architecting, designing, developing, kitting, staging, installation, deployment with continuous managed services and support be leveraged for your end-to-end mobile and wireless communications needs.  Because Public Sector affects each of us – all of us.