Buckeye MountainTrained in Rail Technology

Buckeye Mountain was founded by a team of professionals experienced in railroad systems and technology. Our company includes railroad hardware specialists, software architects and engineers, certified wireless network engineers and repair technicians. Each has in-depth knowledge of the deployment and support of technology for the railroad industry.

Our experience is in supporting the workers who operate the railroad assets that keep your business profitable: railcars, locomotives and intermodal equipment. We give them the mobile and web-based technology to safely and rapidly inspect, diagnose and repair equipment in the field. Just as importantly, we ensure that information can be sent wirelessly to a central repository, so you can access real time information about all of your facilities. Using wireless technology and custom software applications, we streamline and simplify processes specific to your railway operation.

Providing the tools you need to run your railroad operation efficiently and cost effectively is our mission. Staying ahead of the game requires the technology, innovation, and support that Buckeye Mountain offers. By giving your workers the right tools, they become more engaged and more productive while saving your company money.

We’re not talking coffee shop laptops; we’re talking railroad-rugged hardware. Buckeye Mountain partners with the best ruggedized hardware providers in the technology business, allowing us to match the unique requirements of your railroad to exactly what you require. Plus, Buckeye Mountain supports everything it sells from our centrally located Kansas City Service Center. Our railroad hardware solutions are second to none.


You can’t buy Buckeye Mountain railroad software solutions off the shelf and you can’t download these applications from an online store. Our software applications are developed specifically for the rail transportation industry and customized to support the way you run your railroad. We can host the application, provide it as a service or support the application hosted at your facility. Our railroad software solutions provide competencies programmed for your industry and no other.


At Buckeye Mountain, we begin and end with your mobile devices in mind. We design and troubleshoot Wi-Fi networks, we assess cellular and we do much more. Make us your go-to resource for railroad surveys, evaluations and designs . . . and count on us to deliver end-to-end connectivity and productivity. With Buckeye Mountain, you are guaranteed of a high-functioning railroad wireless network solution that will keep your railroad operation functioning at maximum efficiency.


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You Win

By developing and deploying hardware, software and wireless network solutions, Buckeye Mountain provides the total package for railroad technology. Whether you use us a little or a lot, you win— because nobody else out there offers our scope of services, experience and flexibility.